The Rodeo Adventure Labs Podcast is made to tell the stories of the the people and places that make us who we are.

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  • The New Normal Podcast
    Andrew Maher, an avid cyclist an technology podcaster stopped by last month for a sit down talk about what Rodeo Labs is up to in regards to social media and communicating with customers. It was a fast paced conversation, and Andrew may or may not have added to that by speeding up the speech a bit. That allowed us to cover a lot of […]
  • The Rodeo Podcast: Sam Martin on the Tour Divide
    How do you compare and contrast an effort, especially when one is by foot and the other by bike? That wasn’t the driving question when Stephen and I sat down with Sam Martin, but we couldn’t help ourselves and asked anyway. Sam is fresh off of the Tour Divide. From the outside looking in, he was unfazed by the preparation and inevitable supply chain […]
  • The Rodeo Podcast: Sitting down with Paper Trail Gravel Travel
    If you have been following the Rodeo Labs stories on Instagram you’ll likely have caught onto a theme. Every week stories get posted of smiling faces on Flaanimal’s. Better yet with captions noting you, yes you, can demo the Flaanimal 5.0 directly from Paper Trail Bike Cafe. While Stephen has met both Paul and Mark, I had some catching up to do. Therefore it […]
  • The Atlas Mountain Race miniseries – Episode 2
    The last time we heard from the miniseries, Stephen and I introduced the crew heading to the Atlas Mountain Race. With roughly three months until the race kicks off we knew we needed an update. So we caught up with Ashley and David to hear how they are feeling. The conversation that followed is a good reminder that the road to Morocco (or any […]
  • The Rodeo Podcast: Jay Petervary’s Tour Divide
    Photo credit Eddie Clark. As bike enthusiasts or even, dare I say, bike nerds, we obsess over bikes, gear, weight, suspension (or lack thereof), geometry, and tires. We can’t help but keep track of what are the the latest trends and tech. So when releases their the famous list of participants bikes and photos tackling an event, we can’t help but ogle at […]
  • The Atlas Mountain Race miniseries
    Much like a release of any thrilling docuseries on Netflix, the opening episode sets the stage– a cast of characters introduced, various pathways illuminated, but not yet explored. Similarities to the Netflix model diverge immediately. Unfortunately this miniseries will not be binge-able until much, much later… We are building the ship while sailing it, we don’t know if there is a satisfying conclusion to […]
  • The Leadville 100 Podcast: TD3 vs LT100
    The hosts of the Leadville 100 podcasts were super kind to invite Stephen Fitzgerald onto their show to discuss a question they’ve been hearing more and more from their audience: Can a gravel bike be raced successfully at the Leadville 100 mountain bike race? And even if it CAN be raced, SHOULD it?
  • The Rodeo Podcast: Bike Industry 2021 / Shortages and Opportunities
    Across multiple industries, COVID-19 created an initial dip in demand as factories shut down, people quarantined. Global supply chains halted. Now supply while restarted cannot meet the demand. In the bicycle industry, COVID-19 is creating lasting changes and certainly repercussions to business operations. In the meantime, Stephen and I did not see a lot of discussion around what is happening. Some news articles discuss […]
  • Rodeo Podcast EP10: Connor Ryan
    On the same day that the capital was stormed while the House and Senate were certifying the 2020 election, Stephen and I were scheduled to link back up with Connor Ryan and hear about the Break The (BI)cycle ride. We were stunned. Wondering if we should we carry on with the podcast or reschedule? It is easy to freeze or doom scroll news and […]
  • Rodeo Podcast EP9: Tom (t-rex) Miller
    On the ninth episode of the podcast, Nik and Stephen catch up with Denver local legend Tom Miller. Tom used to be quite the football quarterback. Tom puts out a max of 32,000 watts in short bursts. Tom has a Hemi. Tom is larger than life. Tom is a regular at Denver group rides and he has been rocking Rodeo colors since 1.0. If […]
  • Rodeo Podcast EP8: Arkansas High Country Race
    On the eighth episode of the podcast, Nik and Stephen virtually catch up with Ashley Carelock and Dr. Seth Wood. They both recently competed in the 2020 Arkansas High Country Race and both set Fastest Known Time(s) (FKT). Your hosts dig into the experience the only way they know how, excitedly asking questions about what happened, like gear choices, or in Seth’s case a single […]
  • Rodeo Podcast EP7: Mostapelli
    On the seventh episode of the podcast, Nik and Stephen dig into which Star Wars movie was best. Just kidding! Rather they regale the trials and tribulations faced when attempting the iconic Kokopelli bike packing route from Fruita, CO to Moab, UT. We cover the motivations behind the trip, gear highlights as well as some choice meals. Most of the recap revolves around how […]
  • Rodeo Podcast EP6: Evan Christenson
    On the sixth episode of the podcast, Nik and Stephen sit down with Evan Christenson. We talk about Evan’s multitude of bike touring trips, how he ended up getting his second choice pick of a custom bicycle–a Flaanimal 4.0– a bike he immediately took bike-packing in Morocco and Uganda. He seemingly hasn’t looked back, but if he isn’t out under the stars he has […]
  • Rodeo Podcast EP5: Connor Ryan
    On the fifth episode of the podcast, Nik and Stephen sit down with Connor Ryan, a Natives Outdoors athlete. We talk about Connor riding 1,000 miles at the Break the (BI)cycle. The focus of this ride is to break the silence around mental health for black and Indigenous men. For Connor, the ride starts on September 10th, and he is up for the long […]
  • Rodeo Podcast EP4: Rodeo Adventure Posse
    Rodeo Labs and friends sit down with the Rodeo Adventure Posse (Kimberly Nuffer and Kiya Kelly) and hear their origin story of how they created a space for women to empower other women regardless of what bike or kit you are wearing.
  • Rodeo Podcast EP3: Jones Pass / Logan Jones Wilkins
    On the third episode of the Rodeo Podcast we first gather around to talk about big mountain adventures aboard drop bar bikes. Our recent ride up Jones Pass is a perfect case study of what this sort of riding is like so we use it as the main talking point. Should drop bar adventure bikes be up on these roads and trails that are […]
  • Rodeo Labs Podcast EP.2: The Corral
    For the second episode of the Rodeo Labs Podcast we had a little huddle and talked about what’s been going on lately here at The Lab. One of our goals with this podcast is to give a bit of an unscripted peek behind the curtain and show more of the behind the scenes of what we do.
  • The Rodeo Labs Podcast. Episode 1: Cycling Photographer Natalie Starr
    On episode 1 of our Rodeo Labs podcast we invite our guest Natalie Starr to share the story of how she got into both cycling and photography.