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The Leadville 100 Podcast: TD3 vs LT100

The hosts of the Leadville 100 podcasts were super kind to invite Stephen Fitzgerald onto their show to discuss a question they’ve been hearing more and more from their audience: Can a gravel bike be raced successfully at the Leadville 100 mountain bike race? And even if it CAN be raced, SHOULD it?

What followed was a super fun trip down memory lane where Stephen, Michael “Hottie” Hotten, and Elden “Fatty” Nelson talk through the background of the day, equipment choices, race goals, and of course how the day went when we took on the challenge in 2018. Give it a listen at the embed here or on any of your favorite podcasting platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, and the rest.

Spoiler alert: Yeah we did Leadvilles on Donkeys and it was awesome. You can read our writeup on it here:

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