Rodeo 2.0 Carbon Wheelset


Rodeo 2.0 carbon wheels are built to your specifications, in the USA. Rodeo carbon rims are a proprietary design and construction designed for light weight and high strength. Our rims have an incredibly low failure rate amounting to less than 1% of rims / wheelsets made. Our wheels are tested and proven across all conditions from pavement, gravel, mountain biking, bikepacking, and everything in between.

Our 700c rim is a hooked rim bed designed for tubeless or tube tire use. 700c is typically the popular choice for gravel riding and road riding, and is also sometimes chosen for Bikepacking.

Our 650b rim is a hookless rim bed designed for higher impact forces and either tubeless or tube tire use. 650b is typically chosen for rugged bikepacking and for routes that involved more technical and singletrack condition. 650b wheels allow for larger tire sizes on all Rodeo Labs framesets, and all of our framesets are designed to accomodate 650b.

Expect 1 average lead time for shipping on wheel builds.

We now offer our 2.0 carbon rims as stand alone rims in both 650b and 700c sizes. 24, 28, and 32 spoke drillings are available depending on the rim.

Full rim and build details are available lower on the page.

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While the goal behind the cycling industry transition to carbon rims was to make the lightest, fastest, and most aerodynamic wheels possible, that is not the idea behind our Rodeo 2.0 carbon wheelset. As illustrated in our Traildonkey framesets, carbon as a material can be manipulated in many ways. Are these products light? Sure. But after being stripped down, we’ve rebuilt structural integrity back into our carbon products to meet the demands riders put on our adventure bikes. Each reinforced carbon rim is hand-built into a wheelset by Magnetic Wheel Co. ensuring mile after mile of performance, letting you focus on the ride rather than your equipment.


650b & 700c

While this highly debated topic is so fraught it necessitated a journal article from us, the reality of the situation is that each wheel size has its benefits and drawbacks. So why pick one when you can offer both? Pick your favorite size or get one of each depending on where the day is going to take you.

Reinforced Carbon Construction

Just like our framesets, we ask a lot from our wheels with the type of riding we do. We know that they are going to take some big hits and even some rim strikes, so we reinforced the carbon in our rims to stand up to the Rock-n-Roll lifestyle in-store for it. The result is a stout rim that requires much less maintenance than a standard aluminum rim and even other carbon rims.

Hand Built in Denver, Colorado

Exacting specifications is an understatement for our wheel builds. Each wheelset is expertly assembled, tensioned, and mapped by hand here in Denver, Colorado. No wheels are built until they are ordered ensuring that each Rodeo wheel is suited exactly to the needs of its owner.

Form follows function

Rodeo 2.0 carbon rims are designed specifically around the tire sizes that cater best to Rodeo style rides. Like our frames, our 700c rims are designed to handle everything well from a road slicks all the way up to envelope-pushing, aggressive gravel tires. 650b Rodeo 2.0 rims cater to larger tires with a wider rim bed and hookless construction.

Hub Upgrade Options Available

Our hubs are great. They’re light, reliable, and have our logo on them. However, if you want a premium hub upgrade to match your headset or a dynamo hub to power your lights, we’re not here to say no to that. Pick one of our common hub upgrades from the list above or contact us if you have something a little more unique in mind.

650b Specifications

Spoke Count: 28h standard, 32h available

Wheelset Weight: 1490g +/-15g

Stand alone rim weight: 385gr

Internal Width: 24.5mm

External Width: 30mm

Rim Depth: 30mm

ERD: 542mm

Rim construction: Hookless

Tubeless Compatible: Yes

Brake Compatibility: Disc Only

Spokes: Pillar PSR Double Butted  |  2.2/1.7/2.0mm

                Pillar PSR X-TRA Bladed  |  2.2/0.95/2.0mm

Nipples: Brass

700c Specifications

Spoke Count: 28h standard, 24h and 32h available

Wheelset Weight: 1520g +/-15g

Stand alone rim weight: 415gr

Internal Width: 21.5mm

External Width: 28.5mm

Rim Depth: 30mm

ERD: 580mm

Rim construction: Hooked

Tubeless Compatible: Yes

Brake Compatibility: Disc Only

Spokes: Pillar PSR Double Butted  |  2.2/1.7/2.0mm

                Pillar PSR X-TRA Bladed  |  2.2/0.95/2.0mm

Nipples: Brass