IF AT ANY POINT YOU ARE NOT CONFIDENT IN THE ASSEMBLY, DO NOT PROCEED. PLEASE TAKE TO A LOCAL BIKE SHOP, SEE OUR FAQ https://www.rodeo-labs.com/questions/categories/faq-general/  OR EMAIL US AT: let-er-buck@rodeo-labs.com


 Tools Needed to Assemble this Bike…

  • 6mm Allen Axle Tool w/ Bottle Opener (Provided)
  • 4mm and 5mm Allen Wrench (Not Provided)
  • Occasionally, T25 Torx Wrench (Not Provided)
  • Centerlock Lockring Tool (Not Provided)
  • Scissors or Cutting Pliers (Not Provided)
  • 12mm Allen Wrench (TD4 Only/Provided)
  • Recommended: Torque Wrench (Not Provided)

If you do not have these, acquiring a basic bike multi tool with the listed wrench sizes is highly recommended. A bike shop can help you attach the centerlock rotor; tightening the rotor by hand is NOT enough for safe braking. Most brake lockrings have the same notch pattern as Shimano bottom brackets, and some others use a cassette lockring tool, so you may already have the necessary tool.

When You Open The Box…

You will notice the bars are hanging to the side, the fork is spun around backwards, the front wheel is off, the rear derailleur is off and ziptied, the seatpost is taped to the toptube, and the front rotor is taped to the inside of the box. The accessory pack is either with the rotor, seatpost, or in another box if more loose items were shipped with your bike. The items in the standard accessory pack are:

  • 10mm multi tool adapter for Traildonkey Derailleur Hangers
  • Extra frame routing guides/plugs
  • 6mm Allen Axle Tool w/ Bottle Opener
  • 6mm to 12mm Adapter Tool for Slider Bolts (TD4 only)
  • Spare front derailleur mount if a 1x setup was ordered
  • Any extras purchased with the bike. For example: water bottles, bottle cages, apparel, etc.

To Assemble this Bike…

  • First check for shipping damage and report immediately, do not assemble if damaged.
  • Remove the seatpost from the wrapping under the toptube, remove the foam from the seattube, insert the post, and tighten the seatpost collar to 4Nm with a 4mm allen wrench. For Di2 builds, be sure to plug in the battery wire. All of our bikes utilize assembly paste for best results, do not wipe this off.
  • You can now put the bike in a stand or carefully hang it from the saddle to remove the packing material.
  • Spin the fork around and remove the stem faceplate with the 4mm allen wrench (occasionally a 5mm or T25 wrench). Place the handlebars into the stem, align as best as possible, then tighten the stem bolts to 4-6Nm.
  • For TD4 full-integrated builds, you will have to be familiar with headset preload adjustments to properly install the stem back onto the fork. If you need assistance with this, please visit your local bike shop or watch a simple tutorial like this Park Tool video.
  • Clip the zipties off the rear derailleur and install the derailleur onto the hanger with a 5mm allen wrench. We adjust the derailleur prior to boxing, so it should be good to go (if it is acting up, please see our FAQ). For Di2 builds, feed any slack in the wire back into the frame. For AXS builds, the chain is also removed and in the accessory box. Wrap the chain through the derailleur, around the cassette, and around the chainring properly before using the quick link to secure the chain. Do NOT cut the chain, we have already measured it for you in the rear-most wheel position. If you need assistance, please visit a bike shop, or watch a simple tutorial like this Park Tool video.
  • Unpackage the brake rotor from the side of the box. Install the brake rotor onto the front wheel with the proper tool to 40Nm torque.
  • Remove the axle tool from the accessory pack, and use it to remove the front fork axle. Push the front wheel into the dropouts, ensuring the rotor inserts into the front brake caliper, and slide the front axle in. Tighten with the front axle tool. You can leave this tool in either the front or rear axle for conveniently removing the wheels, or removing bottle caps when you’re thirsty post-ride.
  • If you want to adjust your wheel position, the Flaanimal allows this by loosening the slider bolts and using the set screws to tune the wheel to a new spot. Always torque slider bolts to 14Nm. For TD4 rear wheel position adjustment, please see the TD4 Owners Manual.
  • It is recommended to do an overall bolt check, push in any frame plugs that may have wiggled out, ensure the shifting is working properly, ensure the brakes feel solid, do a final alignment of the handlebars and stem, and adjust the saddle height, angle, and fore/aft. Install your preferred pedals, air up the tires, slap on a helmet, and you are ready to ride!

Record Your Bike’s Serial Number

  • The serial number is located on the bottom bracket as a sticker or stamped into the shell.
  • Record the serial number in a safe place for future reference.