Here at Rodeo we value and respect your privacy. Here’s our attempt to talk about how we handle your privacy in plain English:

When you visit our site we use cookies and pixels from companies like Google, Facebook, and Disqus to help understand what parts of our site people visit and how long they stay. Google, Facebook, and Disqus have their own respective privacy policies so please read those if you are interested in the specifics of them. Cookies and pixels us to have an easy to use commenting system such as Disqus comments or Facebook comments. Google, Facebook, and Disqus store data that they collect on their own servers. Cookies also allow our web store to function.

We do not collect any specific tracking information and connect it to a specific person with the exception of our web store where we need to collect checkout information when you are purchasing something from us. We don’t have any system for knowing who visits our site unless you give us your  name or information through a contact form, and email list, a store purchase, or by leaving a comment in your name.

We do not share ANY information that we collect to third party companies. For example we do not sell your name or email to email lists, marketers, advertisers, etc. If you give us your personal information we will only use it to contact you directly. By giving us your contact information you do consent to us contacting you with that information if we find a need to get in touch. We don’t use email or address information that we collect during sales through our website for the purpose of marketing emails or newsletters. You won’t be signed up for a newsletter or product update email if you purchase something through our web store. The only way you will receive a newsletter or marketing email from us is if you explicitly sign up for one.

If you would like us to erase any data that we have collected from you such as your name and address we’d be happy to do that. Just send us a note.

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