We are pleased to now offer a demo / rental fleet of Traildonkeys and Flaanimals. Based out of head our office in Denver, Colorado, the bikes are available through our reservations system below. Rental / Demo rates start at $75 per day and are less for rentals longer than a day. For those who purchase a complete bike or frameset after demoing we offer a purchase reimbursement of up to two days of rental costs. A temporary $1000 Security Deposit hold will be applied to the card on file in the case of damages. All Security Deposits will be cleared within seven days after the return of the demo bike if there are no damages. In the case of theft, the full value of the demo bike will be charged to the card on file. Demo bikes are expected to be returned in, or as close as possible to, the condition in which it is rented out. Policies and terms: Our demo fleet is small so plan ahead if possible to be sure that you get the bike / size that you would like. Bikes are typically not equipped with pedals, so if possible bring your own. We will keep a small supply of various pedal brands on hand for those who need them but those will be first come first served. You will also need to bring your own helmets along. Also consider bringing a pump, multi tool, tube, tire levers, and tubeless repair kit if possible. A printed /signed credit card pre authorization and waiver will be required in order to cover any damage done to the bike while in your possession. While in your possession the entire value of the bike is your responsibility. Your rental rate does not cover the bike against theft, loss, crashes, or any other damage that the bike sustains while in your possession. In the occasion that some or all of the bicycle is damaged while in your possession you will be charged and responsible for the cost of replacing or returning damaged components to the condition that they were in at the time that you took possession of the bike.  Wear and tear items such as drivetrain, brakes, and even tire tread wear are Rodeo’s responsibility, not the responsibility of the renter. Damage to tires such as slashes and tears will be considered to be the responsibility of the renter. Bikes returned dirty will be charged a cleaning fee of $60.