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The New Normal: Take Two

Andrew Maher first invited Stephen onto his New Normal podcast in 2021 and it was a great opportunity to talk about a wide range of topics, philosophies, and what we do here on Rodeo. Now, almost a year later, Andrew invited Stephen on for a second time to get an update on how things are going at Rodeo, and also to to deliver some firsthand feedback on a bike that we delivered to his friend Dave.

The podcast can be found on your favorite podcasting platform or via the Spotify embed below:

As for the bike itself, we had a ton of fun with this one! Dave had originally said “you might not understand what I’m after here”, but after he gave us the inspiration and described what he wanted we had so much fun making this idea real. Few bikes have made us smile during paint and building, and apparently the bike brings a smile to Dave as well which is music to our ears.

Ryan and Pancho are our lead Cerakote applicators here at Rodeo HQ and Ryan took the lead on this project. Cloud masking was hand placed based on what felt right and proportionate.
A riff of the classic “this is not a pipe”, this one says “this is not a bike”. Of course it’s not, it’s a Donkey!

We custom mixed the sky blue color because the fixed Cerakote palette didn’t quite have one that Dave liked. Typically Cerakote doesn’t recommend mixing your own colors, but we’ve grown familiar enough with the unique coating material to take some liberties of our own.

When working on a custom project everything we do is open to reinterpretation. On this bike we just couldn’t leave the Rodeo Spork logo alone, it needed the cloud treatment as well!

We rarely pass up a chance to add a bit of humor to our bikes.

No matter how cool or unique any bike we build is, they are never meant to be trophies and garage queens, they are meant to be ridden. We were happy to hear that Dave’s bike is already logging miles in and around Colorado. We built the bike with a road wheelset and a 2nd gravel wheelset so that it would be most versatile across the widest range of conditions.

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