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The Rodeo Podcast: Scotti Lechuga on Ultra-endurance Racing

What do you do when someone tells you that you are not mentally tough enough? Scotti’s answer was to sign up for the 2019 Silk Road Mountain Race as a pair with my husband Ernie, and take home the win. Since then she has set multiple FKT at Arkansas High Country, has unfinished business with the Atlas Mountain Race and it hot of a new FKT for Stagecoach 400.

I knew I wanted to try racing solo, but I had some major fears to overcome. For one, I had never worked on my bike. When I was a professional Ernie either took care of it or my team mechanic took care of it. I was flying in and out of places and I didn’t touch the bike… I had to go from that kind of princess lifestyle to OK if something breaks, its on me. I need to know how to fix it.


Be sure to check out Scotti’s website and instagram, @scottilechuga.

Images from Stagecoach 400 by Evan Christenson

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