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Rodeo Podcast EP7: Mostapelli

On the seventh episode of the podcast, Nik and Stephen dig into which Star Wars movie was best. Just kidding! Rather they regale the trials and tribulations faced when attempting the iconic Kokopelli bike packing route from Fruita, CO to Moab, UT. We cover the motivations behind the trip, gear highlights as well as some choice meals. Most of the recap revolves around how to prep or not prep for a multi day bike pack.

Scroll down for some photos that Stephen and Nik took along the way, as well as the podcast!
Descending onion creek in morning light made for some interesting shadows.
David riding into a dust cloud kicked up by two 4x4s
Birds-eye view of the Colorado River
Stephen descending Onion Creek, the texture of the rocks paired with morning light was a sight to behold
Did we mention the Sarlacc Pit yet?
It was right here where I felt like it was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid making a run for the border
I wasn’t into wet feet, but by the fifth water crossing it was feet down. YEET.
Deliberations after being separated, what to do, what to do.
Golden hour during day two where the terrain mellowed out, but water rationing was on the mind.
camp ahead, memories behind
After some trail magic of a water refuel sprits were high and skids were abound
Bike naps
found my happy place here
these pronghorn were very intrigued by two travelers
whats better than riding a bike at golden hour with some friends?
that red and green combo was heart eye emoji!
much riding, much sleepy
like very sleepy. Zzzzzzs
Early on day two where the scenery was wild, and we had no idea how hard the next couple hours would get.
threading the needle was key to keeping the ride comfortable
The La Sal Mountains were elusive
this was a brilliant descent into camp two
gear of the trip
more gear of the trip
a non sleepy bike getting its photo done
that ribbon down there? yea thats where we are going
white to reddish gravel transition often was a abrupt change
grammin for the youths
did I mention this descent on Onion Creek yet? 12/10 would do again
I love the ribbon of double track winding its way through this volcanic looking rock
BTS night grams
night grams of our camp day one
camp coffee is life
this view stopped me in my track and I said we needed to camp here.
the next 50′ were absurd off the to right
the easy miles were… easy.
Onion Creek
breaking down camp is when I turn into a sloth
David did a wonderful rendition of “We will rock you”
Tom displaying excellent golf form, I think. I don’t know how to golf
letting the hair carry the weight here
Thats all folks!

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  1. This is going to be fun! Also, lots of bike packing stuff to buy…

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