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The Rodeo Podcast: Sitting down with Paper Trail Gravel Travel

If you have been following the Rodeo Labs stories on Instagram you’ll likely have caught onto a theme. Every week stories get posted of smiling faces on Flaanimal’s. Better yet with captions noting you, yes you, can demo the Flaanimal 5.0 directly from Paper Trail Bike Cafe. While Stephen has met both Paul and Mark, I had some catching up to do. Therefore it was only natural to get on a call and hear the ideas they have been concocting throughout pandemic quarantine. They had plenty of time to ideate and now in full swing is the Gravel Travel arm of Paper Trail.

On the episode we introduce Paul and Mark and dig into their very first Gravel Travel trip and the down to the wire delivery of the Flaanimal shipment. Be sure to check the youtube embed below highlighting the very same trip. The next Gravel Travel trip is from September 16 – 19 through Bald Eagle State Forest in McClure, Pennsylvania. You can find out more and reserve your spot at

A group of friends riding Pennsylvania’s backroads is where the air is full of all the noises that, taken together, make one big silence. We will roam amongst the wildlife in Bald Eagle State Forest where canals & railroads are replaced by farmlands & forests; and stay at historically preserved cottages at a family-run working farm. We invite you to come gravel with us.

Paper Trail Gravel Travel All Inclusive is more than a Pro Service Course – at every opportunity we prioritize experience over speed.  Our Rodeo Adventure Labs Flaanimals are purpose-built for adventure. Our meals, curated to fuel adventures, are inevitably long. Our recovery yoga with Certified Wellness Coach and Nutritionist Deborah lasts as long as our bodies desire.  And let us host you to discover new ways to enjoy the roads less traveled. Paper Trail Gravel Travel is your reliable partner in adventure. 

You turn the pedals, we do the rest.

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