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The Rodeo Podcast: Daniel Connell on the 2022 Tour Divide

When Daniel graduated from UC Santa Barbara, the Tour Divide was not on his radar. However, shortly after Daniel discovered a new passion– bicycle touring. His first bicycle tour was to Columbia, it was a crash course on touring and how to maintain a bike over a six month trip. Daniel has not stopped touring. When Daniel discovered the Tour Divide, he was hooked. The first foray was touring the divide, but the the following two years he has raced it. Now Daniel is patiently waiting for next year. On the podcast, Daniel recounts his experiences from the event. Rain was persistent throughout, start to finish. In between, there were awed moments with wildlife, mishaps with bear spray and quickly fostered friendships on the trail.

Photo Credit Richard Jara (@rchrdjara)

I decided I was going to go on a long bike ride, kinda out of nowhere. I wasn’t much of a cyclist, and I called a buddy of mine, Quincy, who is a surfer, not a cyclist. On a whim two weeks later we decided that we were gonna start riding to South America. It was the greatest trip ever, we just gathered some old bikes and you know, threw some gear on there– guitars, kinda like a hippy rig –and we rode bikes for six-ish months. I learned how to ride bikes along the way and how to fix them. We finished that trip and got to Columbia and I knew I found my passion.


Be sure to check out Daniel on instagram, @drdcon.

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