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The Rodeo Podcast: Jay Petervary’s Tour Divide

Photo credit Eddie Clark.

As bike enthusiasts or even, dare I say, bike nerds, we obsess over bikes, gear, weight, suspension (or lack thereof), geometry, and tires. We can’t help but keep track of what are the the latest trends and tech. So when releases their the famous list of participants bikes and photos tackling an event, we can’t help but ogle at the myriad of choices. We are giddy with excitement for what is to come; often untold hardship and profound moments for the participants. On the other side dot watchers are all over checking in at various points throughout the day only imaging the vast terrain that yields slow, but steady progress.

At Rodeo HQ we were glued to the dots, frequently checking how people were doing and seeing Jay Petervary neck and neck with Brendan Heinig made us wonder how did the race go down? How did Jay after ten days finally manage to pull away? Not only win the Tour Divide, but finish for the seventh time. Therefore it was only proper for Stephen and I sit down with Jay and talk through his gear, the mindset as well as how he rolled right from Unbound XL and into the Tour Divide.

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