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The Rodeo Labs Podcast. Episode 1: Cycling Photographer Natalie Starr

On episode 1 of our Rodeo Labs podcast we invite our guest Natalie Starr to share the story of how she got into both cycling and photography.

On the first ever Rodeo Labs Podcast we warm up by way of a conversation with the talented and awesome Natalie Starr. Natalie is a cyclist and Cycling photographer hailing from Denver, Colorado. With a background in fashion photography under her belt she brings a unique aesthetic to the cycling world. We also talk to Natalie about the origins of her beautiful custom Traildonkey 3 gravel bike which is custom painted in an ornate floral pattern. (which can be seen here)

Our Podcast has been submitted to all of the popular podcasting platforms if you prefer to listen there. As of this writing Spotify has it. Apple, Google, Stitcher, iHeartRadio should all follow soon.

If you’ve got questions or comments on things you’d like to hear about on our Podcasts just leave us a comment below. We’re excited about how much ground there is to cover.

Natalie passed along some samples of her work to share as well as a list of 25 female cycling photographers that are great to follow. (list further down page).

Also per our conversation here is Natalie’s list of female cycling photographers and videographers to follow:

Abby Cooper:

Michelle Parker:

Ruglie Kaladyte:

Robin O’Neill:

Jen See:

Katie Lozancich:

Kristina Vackova:

Leslie Kehmeier:

Samantha Dugon:

Ashley Rosemeyer:

Natalie Starr:

Corie Spruill:

Brenda Ernst:


Kylie Fly:

Amber Hoadley:

Patty V:

Emily Sierra:

Ronia Nash:

Hailey Elise:

Sarah Alvarado:

Lisa Paarvio:

Jessica Wunderlich:

Bérengère Boës:

Ali Niklas:

Jordan Curet:

Leslie Hittmeier:

Emily Tidwell:

Heather Young:

Emily Maye:

JoJo Harper:


Additional photographers that are dudes that Natalie recommends:

Satchel Cronk:

Joey Schulser:

John Braynard:

Anthony Smith:

Dave Trumpore:

Paris Gore:

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