Not My First Rodeo Socks


We’ve all heard this slogan dozens, hundreds, or in our case maybe even thousands of times – yet we still love hearing it every time.

“This isn’t my first Rodeo”, or “Not my first Rodeo”. Who knows the origins of the slogan? Not us, but that slogan sure does say a lot. It isn’t your first ride, it isn’t your first send, it isn’t your first bike. You’ve done this before. So have we. So let’s celebrate it for once and for all, with of all things… a pair of socks. Yeah that’s right. We put this slogan on socks. Why? Because socks sort of go with everything, especially cream colored Defeet Levitator socks such as these. These will match any kit, and they’ll look good just bummin’ around off the bike as well. Those who know might see then and know what you’re trying to say. Others will have no idea, but they’ll like them anyway, because these socks are just plain great, and the little rope running down towards the heel is a nice touch.

Per usual, we worked these up with our good friends at Ridge Supply, and the socks themselves are woven in the USA by DeFeet.

Consult sizing chart for standard sizing, and if your preferred size is sold out and you still really want this sock, consider the fact that socks are stretchy, and fit a wider range of feet than the label might suggest.