Rodeo Espresso Cups


We went and splurged on a bit of a guilty pleasure: We’ve been pining after our own “rodeo” espresso cups for years, and on a random Tuesday a few weeks ago, we simply let loose and ordered some. These tiny ceramic beauties are adorned with our original “rodeo” multi color logo from 2014. We must confess, it would have been less expensive to do a single color logo on the front, but colors bring us joy around here, and in order to be right, we had to do it in the original five colors. Speaking of doing it right, many people are familiar with our Ride, Explore, Create slogan, which is the essence of why we do what we do around here, but fewer people are familiar with our internal version of the slogan, which we began using in late 2023: Ride, Explore, Create, Better. With the addition of that final word we challenge ourselves to constantly raise the bar on ourselves on everything that we do here at Rodeo Labs. We didn’t intend to use this slogan publicly, but what better time of the day than during your morning shot of espresso to remind yourself to make the most of the blank canvas in front of you?

These little cups cost a fair bit to make, and we are selling them at break-even, (approximately the cost of 2-3 lattes depending on where you patronize). These are handwash only and each cup is sold with its own saucer, because that’s just the way your morning shot is meant to be served.

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