Rodeo Lasso Cap


We’ve been on a bit of a tear with lassos and ropes lately, and here’s the latest entry: The Rodeo Lasso Cap.

Our design starts with a neutral tan base color that should match with nearly any kit, and adds a cursive “Rodeo” both on the main cap panel and also under the cap’s dark colored brim, should you be inclined to flip up your bill in an act of swag. But the design doesn’t stop there. Ropes make lassos, and this rope trails off the front panel, across the side panels, and onto the back of the cap in the form of a time-honored lasso. What exactly are we lassoing here? Nothing yet, but perhaps you have a pony tail and would like to cut a hole in the cap and thread your lovely locks through the lasso? It could work? Or maybe you want to sharpie your name in the lasso so that your cap is never confused as belonging to any other. Just an idea. It’s your cap, and your call.

This cap is one-size-fits-all, and is secured with elastic stitching in the rear to expand and contract nicely. The cap material is soft, stretchy, and breathes well, and is a fabric we’ve used on our other caps over time because so many people like it.

This cap also pairs very nicely with our Lightweight Merino Lasso jersey and Not My First Rodeo socks, if you’re fixing to build an ensemble!