Rodeo Labs Cycling Caps


Cycling caps are an indispensable part of a rider’s wardrobe. They keep your head warmer in the cold, they keep sweat out of your eyes when you’re hot. The last, and OBVIOUSLY most important thing they can do is make you look gooder-er. To that effect we’re releasing three new designs this year, each distinct from the next.

DNKY – We riffed the fashion icon with a nod to our infatuation with all things donkeys and we layered that on top of a design that matches our Strata Jersey. This cap uses a slightly more wind resistant fabric than the other two caps.

Sketchy Blue – This cap brings the aesthetic of the Sketchy Blue jersey to a matching cap and does it with an ultra soft, stretchy microfiber blend fabric.

Topo Table – We brought our much loved Table Mountain topo pattern to this cap and paired it with a tasty grey base color with pink accents. And yes, this would pair perfectly with our Yeah Its Pink jersey.

What can we say? Matching is a good look.