Ridge x Rodeo Southern Migration socks.


We all know that birds fly south for the winter in search of warmer climates and generally good vibes. As it turns out, Donkeys often do the same, and as such we named the Rodeo gathering that we hosted this January after that phenomenon. As it turns out, while we were riding bikes in mild temperatures in Florida, it was -10F in our frigid hometown of Denver. Flying south is damn smart!

In celebration of this, we reached out to our good friends at Ridge Supply to create a special sock for the occasion. Using a lighter weight Defeet Levitator sock than we usually use as a base, we whipped up this simple, clean, and humorous flying Donkey sock in tribute. At casual glance some might mistake this iconic form as a pegasus, but bird watchers and others in the know will instantly recognize it as a Donkasus.

Instead of going wild with design and color on this sock, we wanted to create a design that would pair well with anything that you wear, on or off the bike. The slightly off-white base color could almost pass for white, but once again the keen-eyed will pick up on the subtle hue, and instantly know that you, the wearer, are way into gravel, and are not normal.

Our supply of these socks is fairly limited. We made them for the Southern Migration Rally, and few extras remain. We’re tempted to hoard them for ourselves, but we all know that if you love something you must set it free. Fly away Donkasus, fly away.

Consult sizing chart for standard sizing, and if your preferred size is sold out and you still really want this sock, consider the fact that socks are stretchy, and fit a wider range of feet than the label might suggest.