Rodeo Donut Jersey Retro Remix

Original price was: $115.00.Current price is: $75.00.

The 1.0 Rodeo jersey from 2014 is considered by many to be the best jersey we’ve ever created. The simple multicolor letters against the dark jersey cut a profile that was unmistakable and timeless. Eight years in and we’re out to challenge the most loved status of the 1.0 jersey with this: The Rodeo Donut Jersey Retro Remix. We took the original, tasteful rodeo logotype and remade it out of tasty donuts. This could quite possibly be the only way to improve that original design, because donuts simply make everything better.

For the 2022 we are offering the jersey first as a fall / winter long sleeve. Rendered in both a midweight and lightweight Merino wool blend, the donut jersey inherits cold weather warming duties this year from our much loved Lamb Transport, Lamboflauge, and Lambstooth jerseys of yore. This means that if you liked those jerseys, you’ll like this one as well. But there’s a twist: We’ve taken the midweight version of the jersey and changed it from the previous race cut to a more club cut fit this year. We heard your feedback about race fit, and decided that with a jersey that you are likely to layer with and put on winter weight while wearing, it would be good to leave a bit more room in the cut. So if you ordered a size M last year and it was a bit tight, this year the M should fit much more comfortably.

We’re also offering the lightweight LS version of this jersey again this year, and we did not change that version to club cut. It has the more racey, more form fitting fit that you are used to.

Jerseys have gender-specific cuts.