Rodeo SPF Highlighter Long Sleeve Jersey


With the shoulder seasons being so unpredictable in our neck of the woods, we find ourselves reaching for long sleeve jerseys much of the year, even in the warmer months. When this jersey is combined with base layers and outer layers like vests or jackets, it’s possible to stay comfortable starting on a brisk morning and riding into the heat of the day. Along with that heat of the day comes the sun’s strong UV rays, so with this entirely new piece in the RDO LAB collection, we specified SPF 50 long sleeves for the garment, hoping to keep those rays at bay as long as possible. Fundamentally though, this is still a lightweight jersey that will breathe incredibly well across a ride range of temperatures and conditions. If there is one thing we love, it’s a versatile garment, and this one is that.

This new jersey fits with more than a race fit. Consult size chart, and if in doubt about your size, go ahead and size up one size to give yourself a slightly more relaxed fit.

Riders in the photos are 6’1″ (L)  and 6’3″ (XL)

All RDO LAB clothing is designed from scratch around our ideas for what makes a good cycling garment. Fabrics are sourced for quality and function out of leading European mills. Sewing is done on European machines. Graphic sublimation printing is done with inks that are specifically formulated to minimize environmental footprint.

This jersey is crafted with a very lightweight, breathable mesh synthetic fabric for excellent cooling capabilities. Main body is more breathable SPF25, and sleeves are SPF50