Rodeo Pool Party Short Sleeve Jersey


Spring is here, and summer is around the corner. After a long, cold fall and winter in Colorado, we were in the mood to celebrate with a jersey that celebrates pool dips and celebrations of long rides well ridden. What do the designs on this jersey MEAN? Don’t overthink it! They mean only one thing: Fun. As a bonus, the large bright color blocking of the jersey is highly visible, especially from behind, which is always nice when we have to share our byways with large four wheeled contraptions.

We kept the Rodeo branding minimal on this jersey, because while we are proud of every garment that we make, sometimes it’s more about the vibe than the brand.

This new jersey fits with more than a race fit. Consult size chart, and if in doubt about your size, go ahead and size up one size to give yourself a slightly more relaxed fit.

Riders in the photos are 6’1″ (L)  and 6’3″ (XL)

All RDO LAB clothing is designed from scratch around our ideas for what makes a good cycling garment. Fabrics are sourced for quality and function out of leading European mills. Sewing is done on European machines. Graphic sublimation printing is done with inks that are specifically formulated to minimize environmental footprint.

This jersey is crafted with a very lightweight, breathable mesh synthetic fabric for excellent cooling capabilities.