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I have Flaanimal 4 and would like to use wheels with 12mm axle.

Currently i have M15xP1,5 130mm.

This “Rodeo Spork 2.0/3.0 Axle Conversion Kit” cover obviously fork but how about rear?

Also searching for axle you don’t have 12mm 130mm, any idea when its going to be available ?

Steve The Intern Answered question December 18, 2023

Hi Tigran,

You are correct that for the front you would order that axle conversion kit, including new axle. We sell

The matching front and axle for the rear is also sold here and are provided in the correct length for your fork. Some front axles we’ve supplied are 127mm, some 130mm, but they both work equally well on all of our forks.

If this isn’t clear you can also give us a ring at the number of the bottom of our website here, or email and we will be back to you quickly.

Steve The Intern Answered question December 18, 2023
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