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Mount Evans B-Cycle Testing

In three short days, on Saturday August 9th, a number of Rodeoers will embark on a uniquely strange adventure. We will, as an informal group of team mates and friends from around the Front Range, attempt an assault on Mount Evans aboard 3 speed city bikes.The ride has been dubbed the Mount Evans Chill Climb. The route will entail the final twelve to fourteen miles from Echo Lake Lodge to the summit of the mountain at 14,265′ (4,348 m). It is the highest paved road in America. It won’t be a race, it won’t be a time trial, it’ll just be a fun way to test ourselves and have a good time with friends. No official support will be provided, no roads will be closed. We’re just going on a ride together. Riders should keep in mind that the road is fully open to traffic and obey all traffic laws.

For those that want to come along, you must secure your own bike and get it to Echo Lake Lodge. It can be a clunker, it can be a city bike, it can even be a road bike if you want to follow slowly and heckle. That decision is up to you as long as YOU are confident that you and the bike are up to the task of ascending and descending safely. We will offer no support with bikes. We ourselves like the idea of riding something heavy and challenging because most of us have already summited Evans on standard road bike gear. We want to meet at the lodge by 8am, eat some hasbrowns, eggs, and coffee, then begin our assault on the peak. Staggered starts would be a good idea so as not to create large groups or hinder traffic.

If you would like to caravan or would like us to keep an eye out for you, feel free to add your contact info to this list:

We are hoping to document the day well, so if you are a photographer or videographer who is interested in helping out, please add your name to the signup list or otherwise get in touch. Also feel free to leave a comment below if that works for you.

We did a test this mornings on our intended steeds for the adventure and are stoked to attempt the ascent on them.

If you are reading this and there is space on the list, you are invited. Come hang out, take some photos, make some memories, and do something adventurous with us.


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  1. Looks like a recipe for knee and/or back injury, but a fun idea. Good luck, and ride safe!

    • It’s actually very comfortable. It’s like riding a couch. :)

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