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Mount Evans Chill Climb.


We did it. At first it was a joke, just something funny someone said on a ride.

“Let’s climb Mount Evans on B-Cycles!”

We all laughed. Then some time passed in it burned in our brains like some sort of crazy ulcer. We wondered if maybe it was possible. No doubt it was a “bad idea”, but was it do-able anyway? We chatted about it more. Hundreds of comments and thoughts were exchanged online and off.

“What about the gearing?”

“What about the brakes?”

“What about the weight?”

An engineer in our midst calculated gear ratios. Conclusion: Tough but not impossible. We had to do it, and Saturday August 9th, 2014, we did it.

We want to thank everyone who took a risk and joined us, on B-Cycles or normal bikes. Thanks to those who helped organize. Thanks to everyone who helped photograph. Thanks to those who ran support. Thanks to those who strongly cautioned us. Thanks to those who spread the word.

Speaking for myself, Twinkie, this was the most fun I had on a bike this year. It wasn’t a race, it wasn’t serious, it wasn’t #pro. It was just about having fun and sharing an experience with friends. Rodeo started based on those ideas and somehow this ride ended up embodying them better than anything else we’ve done so far. I couldn’t be happier about that.

We could write more words but video and photos tell the story better.


Photo Galleries by Photographer;

Ryan Cathrall

Mt_Evans_Rodeo_B_Cycle_Ride-22 Mt_Evans_Rodeo_B_Cycle_Ride-44 Mt_Evans_Rodeo_B_Cycle_Ride-55 Mt_Evans_Rodeo_B_Cycle_Ride-83 Mt_Evans_Rodeo_B_Cycle_Ride-110 Mt_Evans_Rodeo_B_Cycle_Ride-116 Mt_Evans_Rodeo_B_Cycle_Ride-132 Mt_Evans_Rodeo_B_Cycle_Ride-136 Mt_Evans_Rodeo_B_Cycle_Ride-142 Mt_Evans_Rodeo_B_Cycle_Ride-155 Mt_Evans_Rodeo_B_Cycle_Ride-158 Mt_Evans_Rodeo_B_Cycle_Ride-178 Mt_Evans_Rodeo_B_Cycle_Ride-181 Mt_Evans_Rodeo_B_Cycle_Ride-214 Mt_Evans_Rodeo_B_Cycle_Ride-219 Mt_Evans_Rodeo_B_Cycle_Ride-241 Mt_Evans_Rodeo_B_Cycle_Ride-258 Mt_Evans_Rodeo_B_Cycle_Ride-335 Mt_Evans_Rodeo_B_Cycle_Ride-353

 Photos by Reid Neureiter. Full gallery at

aIMG_6733 aIMG_6913 aIMG_6963 aIMG_7000 aIMG_7012 aIMG_7043 aIMG_7082 aIMG_7114 aIMG_7120 aIMG_7176 aIMG_7296 aIMG_7325 aIMG_7343 aIMG_7482 aIMG_7504 aIMG_7536 aIMG_7537 aIMG_7648 aNW0P0058 aNW0P0250 aNW0P0286 aNW0P0317 aNW0P0366 aNW0P0446 aNW0P0453 aNW0P0483 aNW0P0547 aNW0P0641 aNW0P0686 aNW0P0728 aNW0P0732 copy aNW0P0796 copy

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  1. What about the descent………….

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