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Rodeo Denver + Elevation Cycles: We’re a thing!


Rodeo Labs knows no boundaries, ’cause it’s mostly a state of mind. But if it has a physical center, it has to be somewhere in Denver. And one place Rodeo Denver frequently finds itself is at the counter and on the couches of Elevation Cycles Denver. The weekly Rodeo Lunchride starts there. At least three of the Rapha Gentlemen’s Race bikes received loving, last-minute service there. And the guys at Elevation went all in (and up) to help the Chill Climb.

We can’t hide it anymore — we’re making our love affair official and public. But since this is Rodeo Labs, we couldn’t just default to a traditional shop-team sponsorship arrangement. (The fact that Elevation made the same “yuck” face to even the suggestion of that is further proof that we’re meant for each other.)

Here’s the deal: Elevation and Rodeo want to help each other keep doing what they’re already doing, namely, cool things involving bikes. Rodeo is a team without membership requirements, we don’t have dues, and we respect cyclists of all shades and colors. To that end, if you or ANYONE buys something at Elevation, and say the magic words “Rodeo Labs,” Elevation’s basically going to donate their profit to the team. Everything above their cost & overhead is going to be earmarked for a Rodeo Fund that, in turn, will support more adventures and let us dream even bigger! The Rodeo Fund will be managed by a small board of team members and earmarked for things like supporting team members’ causes; advocacy rides; crash support for team members; crazy ideas like the Chill Climb, etc.

(Some minor details: this Rodeo Rebate applies to parts, clothing, accessories, and even service appointments, as long as they’re made in advance. In-person sales and service only — sorry, far-flung Rodeoers! When you’re in Denver, be sure to stop by.)

Like most things Rodeo, this is an experiment. Try it out. Let us know how it works and how you like it. Watch it develop! And please, if it suits your fancy, help spread the word!



In case you missed it the first time, here is our first outing with Elevation: The Mt. Evans Chill Climb!

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