Ride. Explore. Create.
Ride. Explore. Create.
Ride. Explore. Create.



TD4 Switch Up Donkey 2.0
Bike Gear Database takes a look at our latest custom lab project bike: The Switch Up 2.0 which goes from flat bar to drop bar in about five minutes, and lets riders change the personality of the bike as easily as their mood.
Spork 3 Review
Bike Gear Database purchased a Spork 3 and used it to both drop weight and increase function on a Surly Midnight Special. Read their thoughts about it here:

Bikepacking.com // Show Pony update
Bikepacking.com has the update of our Show Pony 2.0 prototype frames. In it we talk a little bit about ongoing development and down in the comments there is more info and discussion.


We design and engineered the headset on TD4 for maximum versatility. By rotating the assembly underneath the top plate,0 1, 2, 3, or four routing holes can be opened to allow for any routing configuration. Because integrated headsets inherently allow more water to enter the frame, we use only stainless steel bearing assemblies in our TD4 headsets in order to dramatically increase the service life of the headset. If a fully hidden integrated (hidden) routing system is what you’re into, our frames are compatible with solutions from FSA, Ritchey, King, and others. If you think integrated routing is needlessly vain and difficult to work with, TD4 also supports that classic downtube standard routing that we’ve offered on our frames since the dawn of time. Rodeo frames are built to be maximally versatile and configurable for each owner’s style.
Kids, remember to eat your peas and carrots!
@spmartin_ reminding us that bikes are not lust objects, they are tools for creating life impacting experiences. 🙌

Have you ever what it takes to race with the top gravel racers in the game? If you went all in on training and travel could you coax enough out of your body and mind to keep up and even prevail? @loukall asked himself those questions and decided to try to answer them for the 2023 race season. In this first of a two part Rodeo Journal entry he starts telling the story of how it went and what he learned along the way. You can find it on the Journal at rodeo-labs.com, or you can click the link in our insta bio.
Project Denver // 28.11.2023



Our bikes as hard as we can. Never lose touch with the fact that true inspiration for everything we do comes from time spent in the saddle.


If we stay where things are familiar we will quickly grow stale. To stay challenged we always seek out the new. New paces to ride, new goals to attempt, and new people to collaborate with.


When we return home from our adventures we take our experiences and turn them into things that we can share. Stories, photos, videos, and inspired products are the fruit of our labor.