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Flaanimal 5.0 / Redneck Racing Green Build

The Latest From Instagram

Nik told us that our Explorts bibshorts are dropping early next week. Two years in development. Tested in stupid conditions. Built for rowdy, and with some fresh thinking in the mix. 👌🏽

Fresh batch of Cerakote frames from @flux.customs today. Bleaux in the stand at the moment. We build them one by one as quickly as possible, but not TOO quickly because details matter.

Every time someone tells us we’re doing it wrong we will just look at this photo from @lauramtobin and take our cues from these smiles. 🤍🤍

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Our Values


Our bikes as hard as we can. Never lose touch with the fact that true inspiration for everything we do comes from time spent in the saddle.


If we stay where things are familiar we will quickly grow stale. To stay challenged we always seek out the new. New paces to ride, new goals to attempt, and new people to collaborate with.


When we return home from our adventures we take our experiences and turn them into things that we can share. Stories, photos, videos, and inspired products are the fruit of our labor.