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Tonight, I Am Full
Putting on the Brakes
Owner’s Bikes, Owners Stories: Zach Adams

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Alright who wants to guess?
1. Smiling
2. Grimacing
3. Single tear rolling down his cheek but still somehow holding it all together.

Getting pumped for intervals isn’t easy, so we’re dying to know what song @ashcarelock is grooving to. PLS SPILL THE BEANS.

@super__commuter would like to remind everyone that his Flaanimal 1.0 was the first bike around here to match a vintage truck. Let the record show!

Today Flaanimal 5 is going on a big adventure. It’s happening over in the Stories feed. Link to the tracker dot in profile.

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Our Values


Our bikes as hard as we can. Never lose touch with the fact that true inspiration for everything we do comes from time spent in the saddle.


If we stay where things are familiar we will quickly grow stale. To stay challenged we always seek out the new. New paces to ride, new goals to attempt, and new people to collaborate with.


When we return home from our adventures we take our experiences and turn them into things that we can share. Stories, photos, videos, and inspired products are the fruit of our labor.