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Atlas Mountain Race: The Makeover
Atlas Mountain Race: The Backstory
Stephen’s Atlas Mountain Race spec Traildonkey 3.0
Drew’s custom Cerakote winter camo TD3 61cm

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Sass-squatch: All business. And by business we mean pleasure. And by pleasure we mean riding bikes with pink accents is fun. Unless you’re not into pink. In that case we make a blue bike and a black bike for you too. But blue and black are colors are for people who never use the word “sass” to describe themselves. What kind of life is that? Not a sassy one, that’s for sure. You won’t find Sass-squatch on our website because - NO JOKE - a tree fell and hit our web guy’s house and he’s a bit behind. But this is a TD3.1 official color. Tell them you want that new new, but not in blue. See? You get that early release info from the social mediaz. You’re smart. You’re sassy.

No. We haven’t forgotten about Traildonkey 3.1. We don’t forget about anything. Meet “Ocean”. One of two standard 3.1 color ways, not including Naked and custom paint options. 🌊
These aren’t live on the site yet but you can start a full build now by submitting a build form on the site through the TD3 page. Just be sure to mention that you want to reserve an Ocean TD3. Think about it now because we didn’t make enough 3.1 for spring demand. We thought we were going to have a bunch of 3.0 left over and didn’t want to have a bunch of excess inventory but you all really cleaned us out of 3.0 with the sale last month and 3.1 supply will be finite on this first production run of 2020. If you think we’re bluffing you aren’t very familiar with Rodeo history. #neverinstock 😬. TD3.1 stays mostly the same as 3.0 but does get Spork 3.0 which is lighter and slimmer than 2.0. Plus it comes in new colors which is VERY IMPORTANT. Still 100% guaranteed to not be wind tunnel tested. Still 100% ready for any adventure.

Winter: The trainer calls but sometimes adventure calls harder. @the.mike.smith ✌🏽

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Our Values


Our bikes as hard as we can. Never lose touch with the fact that true inspiration for everything we do comes from time spent in the saddle.


If we stay where things are familiar we will quickly grow stale. To stay challenged we always seek out the new. New paces to ride, new goals to attempt, and new people to collaborate with.


When we return home from our adventures we take our experiences and turn them into things that we can share. Stories, photos, videos, and inspired products are the fruit of our labor.