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TD4 Switch Up Donkey 2.0
Bike Gear Database takes a look at our latest custom lab project bike: The Switch Up 2.0 which goes from flat bar to drop bar in about five minutes, and lets riders change the personality of the bike as easily as their mood.
Gear // Show Pony update has the update of our Show Pony 2.0 prototype frames. In it we talk a little bit about ongoing development and down in the comments there is more info and discussion.


This is a setup worth highlighting: A very non-racey-looking TD4, built and outfitted as a beast of transport burden. We love this one so much. When we were designing TD4 we wanted it to read as a race bike, for people who want to race, but we wanted to elegantly build in heaps of features and details for people who were racing nowhere at all, and instead building their Donkeys around personal experiences and challenges instead. David has this one loaded up for a 180 mile, three day adventure in the Leelanau Peninsula of Northern Michigan. We’ve got to say, a ride like that sounds really nice right now!



Our bikes as hard as we can. Never lose touch with the fact that true inspiration for everything we do comes from time spent in the saddle.


If we stay where things are familiar we will quickly grow stale. To stay challenged we always seek out the new. New paces to ride, new goals to attempt, and new people to collaborate with.


When we return home from our adventures we take our experiences and turn them into things that we can share. Stories, photos, videos, and inspired products are the fruit of our labor.