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Evening derp sessions #traildonkey

#Crossishere twelve months out of the year for us. Playing around on local trails and bike parks is a pretty great way to mix up the rhythm of the summer months between road riding and mountain biking. It is also a great way to experience familiar terrain in a new way. It is also just fun! A lot of people spend time doing cyclcoross drills to build skills and that is very useful, but we think that people should see cyclocross bikes as everyday bikes, not race day bikes. If you spend time on the bike regularly and just go out and have fun it’ll fit and ride with perfect familiarity on race day. You might just be surprised at how tame a cyclocross course is as well after you’ve finished a summer of shred on your local trails.

2015 09 04 Derp - 21

2015 09 04 Derp - 12 2015 09 04 Derp - 29 2015 09 04 Derp - 37 DSC02788 DSC02829 DSC02842-2 DSC02844 DSC02851 DSC02883 DSC02897 DSC02922 DSC02929 DSC02945

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