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Fall Rally: You’re invited


Live in Colorado?

This is not just a Rodeo thing. It’s a time to ride with cyclists from any team or non-team. Invite your friends if you like.

Sept 29th. 4:30PM. Confluence Park.

Fall. A time of fading light and dying trees, or dying leaves anyway. Mark your calendars for the evening of September 29th. We are going to ride up into the hills above Denver and seek out the answers to life’s deepest questions. If we don’t find the answers we will have at least caught some sweet sunset action whist riding through groves of changing Assssspen™. We will ride back down to Denver in the dark and perhaps imbibe some refreshing cold ones as we recount memories not yet an hour old.

Route is similar to this, but starts at Confluence:

People can meet us at the entrance to Golden Gate Canyon at ROUGHLY 5:45 if they want. Sunset will be around 6:45 so we need to make decent time up the canyon, but this will be a friendly ride, not a race. We will regroup at the top of Guy Hill / Raptor Point to catch the best views of sunset.

HEADLIGHTS and tail lights ARE REQUIRED. We will descend Golden Gate Canyon in the dark.

Post ride hangout TBD. Back in Denver roughly around 9:00-10:00 depending on how much we stop.

FINAL NOTE: This is not a race, this is not a timed event, it is an invite to informally go ride bikes with us. We aren’t going to referee the group. We expect everyone to ride according to all traffic laws and be courteous to motorists, especially as we ride up Golden Gate Canyon which is narrow in places.







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