Geoff’s unsinglespeed

Rodeoer Geoff K. has been riding his mint green Avery Co. Cycles in singlespeed configuration ever since we started Rodeo a year ago. Geoff is a restless soul though and he never stops thinking about alternate configurations for the bike.

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Rodeo Denver + Elevation Cycles: We’re a thing!


Rodeo Labs knows no boundaries, ’cause it’s mostly a state of mind. But if it has a physical center, it has to be somewhere in Denver. And one place Rodeo Denver frequently finds itself is at the counter and on the couches of Elevation Cycles Denver. The weekly Rodeo Lunchride starts there. At least three of the Rapha Gentlemen’s Race bikes received loving, last-minute service there. And the guys at Elevation went all in (and up) to help the Chill Climb.Continue reading