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Geoff’s unsinglespeed

Rodeoer Geoff K. has been riding his mint green Avery Co. Cycles in singlespeed configuration ever since we started Rodeo a year ago. Geoff is a restless soul though and he never stops thinking about alternate configurations for the bike.

Paul Components finally pushed him back into the land of gears with their SRAM MTB shifter adapter, which allows you to run SRAM MTB shift components (and rear derailleur) on a drop bar bike. It’s an elegant solution, and while it doesn’t quite let you run road road brifters with MTB components, it’s a cool solution that leaves Geoff’s hydraulic brake setup untouched and elegant.


Here are a few pics of the rig. We hope that some day soon someone (*cough* SRAM!) releases MTB compatable brifters that would allow the use of the XD Driver hubs and casettes on drop bar bikes resulting in some pretty insane 10-42 1x setups. In the mean time, this Paul setup is the best way to get there on drop bar bikes.


Geoff is also rocking a beta set of our 35/25 hookless CX wheels, and the guys at Elevation Cycles Denver re-laced them with color coded red, green, blue, white, and yellow nipples as a bit of a surprise.



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  1. Can you send the link where to buy the shifter clamp please? (31.8mm bar)

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