Rodeo Spork 1.x Axle conversion kits


NOTE: These conversion kits only work with Rodeo Spork 1.x. It does not work with any third party forks as our fork design and hardware are proprietary.

This kit contains all the hardware required to convert a Spork 1.x series fork from 15x100mm to 12x100mm or vise versa.

Axles sold separately: Rodeo Modular Thru Axle

The 12mm kit replaces the swappable threaded insert on the drive side of the fork with a 12mm insert. On the non-drive side of the fork, a simple press-in 15mm to 12mm step down spacer reduces the axle bore.

To convert from 12mm to 15mm, simply remove the step down spacer on the non drive side, then replace the 12mm threaded insert on the drive side with the 15mm threaded insert.

Each kit includes:
– Threaded 12mm or 15mm, 1.5p  drive side insert.
– 12mm kit includes non-threaded 15mm to 12mm step down insert.