Rodeo Modular Thru Axles

Rodeo Modular Thru Axles

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For 2020 we’re pleased to offer an improved and updated axle system for our bikes. These new hex axles are lighter than any of our previous axles and they are also more clever.

As a stand alone the axles are actuated with any 6mm hex tool when installing or removing your wheels. As an option we offer two available 6mm levers which are securely held in place in the axle via a magnetic retention system. These levers stay in place during all manner of riding but can also be removed by hand and moved from the front to the back axle or vise versa. Instead of needing two levers for every bike you now only need one lever that can move between axles.

The standard lever is simple and elegant. The bottle opener lever version adds a bit of party to your bike and is once again easily removed from the bike to easily open your favorite drink. The new bottle opener + 6mm + 4mm lever adds the ability to tweak your seatpost or other 4mm bolts while still acting as the 6mm through axle lever.

These axles are compatible with Spork 1.1 (15×1.5 threads), Spork 1.2, Spork 2.0, and Spork 3.0. All 2020 Rodeo bikes and forks (1.2 and 3.0) have 3.0 axles standard front and rear. TD3.1 Includes the standard 6mm lever. Flaanimal 5.0 comes with one 6mm bottle opener lever per frameset.

Rear axles for owners wishing to retrofit their entire Rodeo bike will be available in July. Front axles available now.

Levers fit other 6mm hex axles but only have magnetic retention on these exact axles that they were designed with.

Service: For best magnetic performance and lever security keep hex key clean and wash with soap and water from time to time. Very lightly grease.

CNC Machined aluminum. Made in Taiwan.