Rodeo Labs Bar Tape

Rodeo Labs Bar Tape


Live. Laugh. Wrap.

After using so many bar tapes for so many years we’ve finally decided to roll our own. We could go on and on about density and vibration reduction but let’s skip that stuff and get to the important part: It’s 3mm thick, it’s nice and tacky, it feels great on or off road, and it looks rad.  We went with three different designs for this tape. The first is a classic debossed black using our classic pine tree pattern. This flavor is more textured and has that much more grip, and it looks super classy. Next up is a non debossed gold pine tree pattern which is still nice and tacky but smoother to the touch. The gold accents will set off any bike and give it just a touch of bling. Last up is our meme tape. We’ve been watching the crazy reddit stock market antics lately and sort of fell in love with the diamond hands meme that came out of it. Diamond hands means holding on through the ups and downs no matter what the outcome because you believe in something so much. We feel like we’ve done than more than a few times at Rodeo and we’ve most definitely done some stupid rides that required holding on above all else! The little rocket icon? Well, if you know you know: To the moooooon!

In stock and shipping now. The variety pack offers all three options at a $25 savings!

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