Rodeo x Brian Mac “Donkey Would Do It” Tee


For our newest Traildonkey tee we teamed up with illustrator Brian Maclaskey to find a style that we could never have dreamed up on our own. We gave Brian a simple idea: “Donkey would do it”. That pretty much sums up the attitude around here when deciding where to ride our bikes: Everything is worth trying at least once and even bad outcomes can be the most awesome, memorable outcomes. Brian took that idea and ran with it. When we saw the final design we knew he’d totally captured it: A hilariously overloaded Donkey carrying the most random assortment of gear imaginable, all against a backdrop of happy mountains and blue skies. This may just be the most perfect Rodeo shirt ever drawn.

Rodeo Labs shirts are printed on Bella + Canvas Tri Blend ultra soft tees here in the U S of A. In stock and ready to ship until they sell out, at which point we’ll make more.