Each complete Rodeo Labs bicycle is built to order for each owner. Component selection and component sizing can and should be tailored to you in order to create a complete bike that fits your goals and riding style.

We provide built templates on the Flaanimal and Traildonkey pages as a starting point for builds and to help inform estimated costs for our complete builds. Simply mention the template you like in the notes below if you would like to use it as a starting point. If you would like to customize one of these build templates or substitute parts we are happy to assist and re-quote the build.

If you are trying to get the cost down on a build we’re happy to make suggestions on substitutions that will function well without compromising reliable function.

For information on custom paint please see this page.

Rodeo Labs Build

Select your steed

Which bike are you interested in building? Click through to a bike model page for details and current availability (links will open in a new window so you don't lose your form entries).

// Traildonkey 4.0: In Stock

// Flaanimal 5.0 Ti: In Stock

//  Flaanimal 5.0: In Stock

//  Traildonkey 3.1: Some sizes / colors in stock

We're happy to assist with frame size selection if you're not sure, just select that option below.

What's your preferred stock color, or are you interested in a custom finish?

See links to bike model pages above for available color options. 

Click here for custom finish info.

Please select as many as apply to your desired build. 

You can select multiple.

What wheel size would you like?

Feel free to describe the type of riding that you would like your tires to accommodate or just let us know your tire preference if you have one. We can assist if you need help deciding which tire type and tire size is right for you.

Traildonkey 3.1 can accommodate up to 700 x 50mm (29x2.0") and 650b x 57mm (27.5x2.2").

Flaanimal 5.0/Ti and Traildonkey 4 can accommodate up to 700 x 50mm (29x2.1") and 650b x 61mm (27.5 x 2.4").

If you have specific requests for stem length, handlebar width, crank length, or saddle please enter them here. If you would like assistance with fit, we are happy to offer suggestions.

When you build a Rodeo Labs bike it's all about personalization. If you don't see it on this list just add a note in the Final Notes section.

To learn about our custom paint process check out our Custom Finish Page

You can select multiple items.

This is your bike! We'll build it almost any way you like it so feel free to let us know any other details about how you would like the bike built and how you will ride the bike.

Tell us about yourself as a rider: are you an experienced rider, just starting out, or somewhere in between? Are you a roadie, a MTB rider, a gravel rider, or all three? None of the above? That's OK too.

What kind of terrain will you want to tackle on your Traildonkey or Flaanimal? 

Are there any specific components or brands that you'd like to request on your build?

If you have ANY questions at all please put them here and we'll get back to you with answers.

Thank you!