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Riding East With Tom

Tom and I are not alike.

He’s into obscure Welsh rock. I’m into hip hop, I think. He went to law school. I was done after high school. He leans to the left, I lean to the right of whatever left means. I don’t think he’s religious at all. If I didn’t have faith I think I’d be dead. Tom likes a very tall riding position with an absurd stem because ergonomics. I like a low, sleek position, because vanity. Tom was a pipe smoker once upon a time. I’ve literally never smoked anything, ever, not even the tires on my car. 

The roads out east go on all day long, and would continue into the next day were you were curious, and fit enough. Over each roller is another. Once at the top of any given roller you are denied parole and sentenced to ten more, your good behavior ignored by the cows, horses, and deer that decide such things out here.People used to try to live out east when living meant a lot more than it does now. Nature dehydrated their houses, money, and spirit and left only dust. People still live out east, but in an F350 / Dodge Ram sort of way. Still living, but probably a little less so than their predecessors. As a city dweller I’m in a unique position to judge hearty country folk because I know how to blow out my lawn sprinklers on my own. No sprinkler companies service my lawn thank you very much. I’m a survivor.

Tom and I rode all day long, into exactly the last light of the day. This was an important ride for me and Tom, on a friendship level. I’m quite burnt out on work, life, and everything in it. I wanted to cut our loop short because of fatigue. Tom wanted, needed to do the whole loop. Soon he will take a stint off the bike to battle cancer. Him needing to do the whole loop was enough reason for me to need it too.

We talked and rode bikes all day. Tom cares about people. I care about people. Tom loves his kids. I love my kids. Tom is a giver, and that’s a goal for me. Tom wants the world to be better. I want the world to be better. Tom loves, loves, loves crazy rides. Ditto. The crazier the better. I want people in my life that I can just talk to, all day long. Tom does too. Guards come down.

Tom and I are very similar. We figured that out a little bit more while riding together, out east.

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