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I’m going back and forth on the Flaanimal 5.0 and the Ti because titanium is awesome but do I really NEED it? One factor is the weight limit. I’m about 200 pounds and regularly load up 20 pounds of gear depending on the situation but worry that I’ll come very close to the weight limit easily, especially on a bikepacking trip. Is the weight limit the total system weight or just the weight of the rider plus gear? If it’s the total system weight, would you recommending bumping up to the ti if I can swing it? I just don’t want to explode my bike in the middle of nowhere. Ha!



Steve The Intern Changed status to publish January 26, 2021

Both the steel and Ti frames are tested to the same standards so your concerns about steel being less up to the task than Ti isn’t necessary. Even at 200lbs + gear you won’t overwhelm the capabilities of either frame and we leave generous margin of error overhead in our weight ratings above and beyond the stated weight limit (250 rider / gear) so that not only ourselves but also the customer has peace of mind.


Ian Posted new comment January 27, 2021

Thanks, Stephen! That’s what I was hoping to hear but wanted to make sure. And if it’s 250 pounds for rider and gear sans bike weight then I’ll definitely be fine. Y’all crushed it with the Flaanimal by the way. Looks so good.