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I think that this an excellent fork, I just wish it had triple cage mounts instead of the double cage mounts. Any possibility of a future (maybe 4.0 release) of that being a thing?

Just curious.


Steve The Intern Changed status to publish January 24, 2022

We don’t currently have any plans for 3 bosses on the fork legs. Spork already has class leading cargo carrying capabilities, and the inner and outer bosses actually add up to 4 mounts per leg, not 3. When loading the fork with loads heavier than typical water bottles a 20-25mm bolt is used to anchor the loads to both bosses instead of just the outer bosses.

We know that many in the industry use three bosses and that is the prevailing standard, but we’re stubborn on this one and aren’t a company that looks to the right or the left for inspiration. We’re only interested in what works, and the boss system on our forks have been incredibly reliable and useful in every type of riding and bikepacking condition that we and our customers throw at the fork. Our boss failure rate is almost incalculably low, and failures have never occured due to loads on the bosses, it is always from people trying to remove siezed or stuck bolts.

For people who wish to run 3 bolt mounting accessories we simly instruct them to use 2 of the 3 bolts on the accessory.

For those wishing to maximize the load carrying potential of the fork we recommend the Wolf Tooth b-rad system and the mount splitters which allow you to reliably mount double the cargo capacity per fork leg.

Steve The Intern Answered question January 24, 2022