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The seat post clamp that came with the Flaanimal 5.0 has a max torque recommendation of 4Nm.  I would like to bring the Topeak Nano 5Nm for a biketrip as all my other bolts have 5Nm. Is the recommended torque for the clamp itself or bolt? Or is this for the maximum torque recommended given there is a carbon tube inside the metal collar?

I am not sure how far the carbon tube is placed inside the collar. Would there be any issues if I get a seat post clamp that has a 5Nm torque setting and use that?


Steve The Intern Answered question May 13, 2022

The Flaanimal frame is extremely strong. You can safely use up to 6nm with no issues if your clamp supports it.

Michael Charles Posted new comment December 19, 2022

Thanks Steve!

Excellent. Thanks for clarifying!

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