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I was wanting to know if this has a press-fit or threaded bottom bracket? I know it says in the description a Praxis T47 threaded bottom bracket, which I like a lot more then the press-fit but can you put any threaded bottom bracket in this? I am a fan of the BSA386 (Threaded 30MM bottom bracket).

Thank you,

Matt Bartsch

Soren Klingsporn Changed status to publish May 13, 2019

T47 is most definitely a threaded bottom bracket. It’s essentially a PF30 sized BB shell that’s been threaded for a more secure install. Our frames use a 68mm shell width to accommodate both BB30-type road cranks that use inboard bearings, or cranks like the current SRAM lineup that use a longer spindle with outboard bearings.

Wheels MFG has a great specs guide on different standards:

Soren Klingsporn Edited answer January 18, 2019
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