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I have a few questions about the TD4:

I fall right at 6’2”, between sizes. Do you have any input/suggestions that could help choosing a size? Im thinking more Mtn bike than road bike. Flat bar maybe,  29” wheels, mullet or single speed. On pavement will be kept to necessity only.

Does the Naked finish come in a matte clear?

Are the decals over or under the clear coat ?

Love your work. Check out ours at


Steve The Intern Changed status to publish March 11, 2024

Hi Jason,

Your motorcycles are incredible! Next level design and craftsmanship. I’ve seen them online before and it’s super cool to have a brush with one of the creators.

For TD4 you would fit a 58cm best. I’m 6’1.5″ and fit it perfectly with a 110mm stem and 44cm wide bars. For a flat bar build you might size down to a 100mm stem and be in the 740-760 width range. We could definitely build it with the wide range mullet rear, and that is probably the most popular build spec these days in terms of gearing.

Naked finish is gloss clear, but we could do a single layer Cerakote satin over the clear to knock it down a bit if desired. Our decals are over clear, not under. Decals that go under clear are typically water slider decals applied at the factory, but the decals we do here are a transfer adhesive decal, and go on top.

If you’d like to swap any more questions, feel free to shoot me a direct email at

Steve The Intern Answered question March 11, 2024