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I was wondering what the process would be and what parts I would need to switch over to a 1x. I originally ordered my TD 3.1 in a 2x GRX setup but as of lately I\’ve been wanting to switch to the 1x drive train and maybe use one of the shifters for a dropper post. Was just wondering how easy that would be with the Traildonkey

Dylan Truong Asked question February 18, 2021


You would need:

1. GRX 812 rear derailleur
2. 11-42 rear cassette.
3. If wanting to use the left shifter for a dropper lever you would need the GRX dropper lever. The shifter can’t be modified.
4. Depending on the crankset you have you may just need a 1x direct mount ring (Praxis) or perhaps a WolfTooth 1x ring for adapting the 2x GRX crankset to 1x (which we have not done here).



Steve The Intern Changed status to publish February 18, 2021