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I have a Spork 3.0 and wanted to know what expansion plug you would recommend using. I have one installed that matches the specs for internal diameter and have it torqued per manufacturer recommendations but it still tends to pull out of the steerer tube.

Thanks in advance!

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We’ve used FSA, Ritchey, Cane Creek, and ENVE compression plugs with equal success. We quite often see manufacturer recommended torque specifications that are not sufficient for their intended tasks (for instance handlebars or seat posts that slip).

We would do the following:

  1. Clean the inside of the steer tube and the plug with alcohol to make sure it is dry and has max friction.
  2. Consider using friction paste (same as a seat tube) if you like.
  3. Go to the torque it was slipping at and add 1nm then see if it still slips. If it does add another. You won’t blow out the steer tube with a couple of extra newton meters of torque as it is extremely robust.
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