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how does the removable seatstay bridge work? Do you have any photos? I live in Portland and have fenders on for all my winter and spring gravel rides so I need a mount that is very durable and reliable.

Steve The Intern Answered question February 12, 2019

Thanks for getting back to me Stephen, that is a much better design than what Salsa uses for their new Warbird. Their design is a non starter for me.

I currently have a Diamondback Haanjo Trail Carbon as my gravel bike. I think the only thing stock currently is the frame, it’s been dramatically upgraded, and it’s been a surprisingly great frame. It was one of the few carbon options with threaded bb, proper fender mounts and somewhat traditional geometry with a less raked out fork. I use it for cyclocross racing, gravel racing, adventure rides and singletrack exploration. My only gripe with the bike is the plastic removable seat stay bridge, which works well but I don’t like that it clamps directly to the seat stays. I also would like more mounts for some lightweight bikepacking or a rando. After riding the GDMBR last year on a dyno equipped bike, I really want to be able to run a dyno light. I’ve been looking at the huge offering of frames out now but not many check all the boxes I would want if I upgraded. My friend did a huge ride a few months ago with Jan who was testing a new Map bike for Bicycle Quarterly that used your previous generation Spork. I didn’t read the article but he mentioned how overly stiff the fork was. How does this new frameset ride? My reference is my Haanjo which I think rides pretty darn nice for a carbon bike off road, certainly more comfortable off road then my  Specialized Diverge though not as comfortable as the Breadwinner that I took on the Divide route.


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