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I have a question about compatibility of the Trail Donkey 3.0 frame set with crank based power meters.  Is there sufficient clearance for Stages type power meters?  Are there any known issues with spider based power meters like SRAM quarq or Power2Max?

Steve The Intern Answered question April 22, 2019

Jeff. Thanks for the question. We’ve run a very wide range of power meters on TD3 and none have shown any issues. Here is a list of what we’ve tried:

  • Quarq
  • Praxis / 4iii
  • Easton Cinch
  • Stages – requires shims to space it on the non drive side.

We haven’t tried Power2Max but I can’t think of an obvious reason they wouldn’t work. We were pretty careful to make the bike generally as compatible with a wide range of cranksets and chainrings. That doesn’t mean that someone won’t eventually find something that doesn’t work but so far so good.

Steve The Intern Changed status to publish August 10, 2020
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