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I recently picked up some PDW full-metal beast fenders (55mm) and the fit seems too close for comfort, both to the frame/fork and tire.

Can you recommend the max fender size (width) running 650B to safely fit the flaanimal 4.1? And maybe even better, some product recommendations?

Im not needing an exceptional amount of clearance for mud buildup, just Portland wet grime mostly. I’m running 47 mm Teravail Cannonballs and wondering if I need to downsize. Or alternatively, upgrade to a 5.0.


Steve The Intern Answered question August 27, 2021

Looks like Velo Orange has the only other option for larger 650 tires. Unfortunately you will need to drop to a smaller tire on 4.1. 42mm Max.

Michael H-E Posted new comment August 27, 2021

Thanks for the speedy response! One follow-up question – would going for 700c fenders at 45mm fit the frame/fork?

I then would have to downsize my tire, although it wouldn’t fully cover the tire width…

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