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I have a Wolf Tooth clamp on my Flanimal 5, and I cannot get the Easton EA90 post to stay put. I have set the clamp torque to recommended 5.0, AND ove-torqued it, but the post still slips over the course of a single ride. Even happens on relatively smooth road rides.

Any experience with this:

Will the double-height clamp damage the carbon sleeve inside the seat tube? Other concerns?

Have considered a new, carbon post and extensive amounts of gritty assembly paste, but hoping not to have to spend the $$.

Thanks in advance!

Steve The Intern Answered question July 20, 2022


Because of the double steel / carbon material at the clamp of FL5 it can sometimes take more torque to clamp a post securely, especially when clamping softer carbon posts. So you could increase up to 7nm with no concerns of frame damage. Carbon posts are often a more variable spec than aluminum so check your actual post size with a caliper to confirm it isn’t undersized. For some people aluminum posts are a better option because they are stiffer to clamp against.

We haven’t used Engin clamps but they do look lovely!

Steve The Intern Answered question July 20, 2022
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