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I’m considering the purchase of a Flaanimal 5.0 Ti, and I have a few clarifying questions about the specifications for this frame.

  1. Does the latest version of this frame have a removable seat stay bridge?  This feature is listed in the Specifications section, but in most (but not all) of the photos on the Flaanimal 5.0 Ti page, the seat stay bridge appears to be welded in place.
  2. Does the latest version of this frame have threaded mounting points on the top of the top tube (for a top tube bag)?  This feature is not listed in the Specifications, but I see at least one photo on the Flaanimal 5.0 Ti page showing these bolts are present.  (This is a feature I am very keen on.)
  3. Can you also please confirm that your answers to the above questions apply to those versions of the frame that are currently in-stock?

Sincere thanks for your help!


Chapman Ross Asked question November 16, 2022
1. The Ti frame has a welded bridge. Will fix the typo on the specs section. The steel version has a removable bridge.
2. Yes there are welded bosses on the top tube for the top tube bag on the Ti frame, but not on the steel frame.
3. These answers apply to the frames currently in stock.
Steve The Intern Changed status to publish November 16, 2022