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Hi Rodeo Labs,

On your SRAM AXS Mullet 1×12 build, I see that you recommend the use of the Praxis Zayante Carbon crankset. Are there any issues in using something different like the SRAM Force 1 or SRAM Force 1 Wide in a mullet build on the Flaanimal 5.0? The Force 1 has a chainline of 45.0mm while the Force 1 Wide has a chainline of 47.5mm (the Praxis has a chainline measure of 45.5mm).

Just wondering if there are any tradeoffs going a full SRAM route vs. the Praxis/SRAM build you recommend.

Steve The Intern Answered question November 9, 2021

There are no downsides to using the Sram cranksets. They perform well no matter what spec you use but there is no reason we would use the Wide version as it isn’t necessary and will increase the width of the chainline.

We use Praxis because they’ve been flawless for us for the six years that we’ve specced them on our builds. No other crankset has that performance record. The weight is fantastic, as are both cost and availability compared to Sram offerings. We’re interested in providing the best performance / value on our builds and Praxis cranks help us achieve that.

The only advantage that Force has over Praxis is that the logos match.

We’re happy to build any way customers request, but our default builds always represent what we would put on our own bikes.

Jason Dyer Posted new comment November 9, 2021

Thanks for the quick and very straightforward response! It was more of a curiosity question more than anything. I’ve ridden Praxis Zayante Carbon for a couple of seasons and have no complaints with them.