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2.52K viewsFlaanimal 5.0

I have a new Flanimal 5 (85.5 BB shell width) and have installed the Chris King T47 30i BB. I have the CK fit kit #5 for installation. My Easton EA90 cranks come with 129mm spindle. Will this work? The instructions I have been able to find at CK and Easton have not made clear the correct set up of spacers, etc.

Any experience with this setup? Any advice?

Thanks very much

Steve The Intern Answered question March 14, 2022


The T47 30i is the correct bottom bracket for the crankset, and the Fit Kit #5 also looks correct.
Unfortunately we no longer have a direct account with King, so we can’t give you installation advice based on using their products.

Easton EA90 cranks definitely work with our frame.

Generally speaking spacers are there to take up any excess spindle between the bearing and the crank arm so it should be easy to determine how many spacers that you need with some trial and error. Too few spacers will have play and too many will cause the bearings to bind because of excess copression.

If there is a wave washer supplied with the crank or fit kit that will help take up any micro excess of extra space and should be included in the install.

Hopefully this helps a bit.

Steve The Intern Answered question March 14, 2022